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Outdoor Exhibits

The museum, in addition to the main exhibits in the interior of the building, includes exhibits in the surrounding area as well.

During the tour, the visitor can see old tools that the workers in the salt pans used to prepare for the production of salt, "cultivation" as it is called in the language of the salt pans, but also for the "extraction" of salt, as they call its harvest.

The observatory offers a view of the entire salt flat, its "red" pans, the process of cultivating and harvesting salt, if one is at the museum between May and October, but also the white "pyramids" created by accumulated salt production before it is taken to the salt processing plants.

They will also be able to observe the rare birds that are endemic to the Lagoon using the telescope and binoculars provided by our museum. Not too far away, the phoenicopteri (flamingos) and the curlews feed, the gulls fly over the visitors, while the kingfishers, spoonbills and herons nest in the sandy areas around the salt pans.

Two traditional lagoon boats dominate the area. Their peculiarity is that they do not have a keel but are flat, so that they can sail in the shallow waters of the lagoon. One of them is decorated with its cloth and the other with the "stafnokari". Stafnokari is a traditional, impressive fishing tool that is still used today by fishermen in the area of Mesolonghi -Aetoliko.  

What is also impressive is a traditional rainwater collection tank that proves the proper management of natural resources until not long ago.

The rainwater, collected with gutters from the roof of the building that now houses the Salt Museum, ended up in the tank and for its pumping different machines were used, depending on the technological developments through the years. Those have been restored and are exhibited next to the tank.    

Finally, the exterior of the Museum has a stage used for educational programs and artistic events in a magnificent landscape such as the salt pans of Tourlida, located between the calm waters of the lagoon of Messolonghi - Aetoliko and the deep blue Ionian Sea.


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Adults: $25
Children & Students free

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